Tips for Parents on Homeschooling and Online Learning

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Tips for Parents on Homeschooling and Online Learning

Tips for Parents on Homeschooling and Online Learning

So today I have a special guest with me my daughter Ella Blair and I know lots of parents have been juggling homeschooling while trying to work from home and just trying to balance everything when work school and everything else converges at home and so I wanted to bring on Ella just to share some tips on how she’s coping because I know it has been hard on kids to you know not to be able to see their friends their teachers and transition into an online learning format so I just wanted to invite her on just so we can have a chat to share some tips to see if parents and kids could benefit from this.

Thank you for being on the show with me today Ella, how are you doing? We have been coping well and staying in. I have been getting into some new learning websites and one of them for example is, if your teacher gives you an account, she can give you workbooks on math, science and language arts and enrichment and for studying. I have been talking to my friends on different sites and working out things like the zoom and messenger kids Apps, and I have been having fun with my brothers playing basketball.

Make Online Learning Fun for Kids

So tell us a bit more about the way that your teacher has been trying to make it fun for kids she did a shape scavenger hunt for math class. Oh that sounds interesting! Okay and tell us about like one of the days where you dressed up and how that was? I think that was for “May the Fourth Be With You” – with a star wars-themed learning event and your teacher actually incorporated that “May the Fourth be With You” in that learning so tell us a bit more about that? That was for you know kids dressing up and coming on zoom and was incorporated into learning for that day as well.

Incorporate Themes In Your Online Learning Experience

My Teacher wanted to make it fun, so she allowed us to bring stuffies and costumes, and with the math class she brings little jokes with it so she has slides. A couple of weeks ago when she did it we’re doing a paragraph writing so she allowed us to do paragraph writing with star wars.

That’s interesting and so is there anything else Ella that you’d like to share about your online learning experience so far? Any tips that you would have for other kids and even outside of online learning right now? If you like learning a lot, I recommend two websites, one is and the other is,, they have very fun games. Kids are finding it hard to cope you know just being home most kids have been home since mid-March, so apart from the online learning aspect do you have any advice for kids being at home ways they can make good use of this time and just have fun and make the best use of it? Sure, kids out there if you have like siblings or anything, I recommend that you should play with your siblings alot it will make you happy like me. If your mom has contacts to your friends, I recommend two sites to and messenger kids.

Ella thank you so much for sharing with us today and I’m sure lots of kids and parents who will benefit from these practical tips and suggestions. I think that that’s great for us to share together what’s working for us in our own household and how we can enrich this experience for kids.

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