Keisha Blair Featured in Success Magazine – How to Overcome Regret

Keisha Blair Featured in Success Magazine – How to Overcome Regret

Overcoming regret is one of the hardest things to do especially when it relates to tragedy and grief.  It lingers on and shatters our confidence in future decision-making. I was featured in the March 2018 issue of success magazine entitled “The EXPERIENCE ISSUE: CREATE YOUR LEGACY”. Overcoming regret is a step on creating your legacy and building your future. I discussed this in an article by Emma Johnson on tactics and strategies for overcoming regret. Read on below for a few quick tips on dealing with remorse and visit the website to read the full article.


Tactics and Strategies for Overcoming regret:

• Own up to it.

Accept your responsibility in the negative experience.

• Move on.

Let go of what you cannot and could not control.

• Apologize.

If you hurt another person—whether intentionally or inadvertently—apologize, mend bridges, or otherwise express how you feel. Then let it go.

• Free yourself.

Decide that you deserve to be free from the negative feelings surrounding the episode.

• Learn from it.

Seek to identify the lessons inherent in the experience.

• Say thanks.

Express gratitude for the experience, as it can and will bring insight, if you allow it.

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