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Holistic Wealth Coaching Program

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The Art of Recovery From Disruption

3 Month Custom Program $495

For those who have recently gone through a life-altering setback such as the death of a loved one (grief) or divorce, job loss, critical illness and what to develop a highly customized path forward that incorporates goals, dreams, challenges, obstacles etc. Weekly 30-minute accountability calls are also included.

3 Month Custom Coaching Plan based on a Needs Assessment

with weekly 30 minute accountability calls$495

During the 3 months, we design your entire holistic wealth blueprint customized with you in mind – your dreams, goals and obstacles and the vision for your life. This also takes into consideration any business goals as well as setbacks that you have had and how to build a successful life moving forward.

Prefer a personalized coaching approach? Our Holistic Wealth Coaching Program offers tailored guidance for a more enriched journey. Experience a transformative process towards a richer, more fulfilling life with a focus on holistic wealth. Start your personalized path to success today.

Choose one of my session that covers your area of need:

Discovery Call

45 minutes @ $170

During this discovery call, we discuss your goals and challenges as well as your overall vision and figure out the most appropriate way forward to work together to achieve those goals.

Holistic Wealth Strategy Session

1 hour and 30 minutes @ $270

During this Strategy session, we figure out your goals, dreams, challenges and obstacles and figure out a way forward. This includes the first steps in outlining your custom Holistic Wealth Blueprint or Portfolio – based on your unique goals and vision. The Strategy session lasts 90 minutes.

Sabbatical Planning

1 hour and 30 minutes @ $270

Full strategy session to figure out the planning process for a sabbatical including financial planning, goals, logistics and mission. This includes a full sabbatical planning checklist and success metrics based on your own individual needs. Also includes accounting for unique challenges you may face.

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