Holistic Wealth by Keisha Blair – May BookClub Selection for the Milton Public Library

Holistic Wealth by Keisha Blair
Holistic Wealth by Keisha Blair – May BookClub Selection for the Milton Public Library

Holistic Wealth will be the May bookclub selection for the Milton Public Library’s non-fiction book club.  I had the pleasure of joining Emily Thompson, Community-Led Librarian at the Milton Public Library for a fun discussion about the book on April 19th. Check out the replay video here

Keisha Blair, International Bestselling Author of Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons To Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity and Happiness.

This turned out to be a great discussion given that Holistic Wealth is such a relevant topic during COVID-19 and key themes such as resilience, mental and emotional health and financial stability have been major themes during this entire pandemic.  The virtual book club discussion for Holistic Wealth will take place on Thursday, May 27th at 7pm. Five copies of the Holistic Wealth Personal Workbook will be given away to five lucky winners at the virtual book club event. Register for the virtual book club event at the link below:


The Holistic Wealth Podcast with Keisha Blair, will also be featured in the Milton Public Library’s Podcast and Pints Club. Podcast and Pints is like a book club but for Podcasts! If you haven’t subscribed to the Holistic Wealth Podcast, please subscribe so you never miss an episode and if you host a reading group or other team groups or workshops, there are Holistic Wealth reading guides available. In addition, if you want to set up a Holistic Wealth Accountability (or “Project Group”) Group to go beyond one book club meeting and establish a group that can keep members accountable throughout the year, email me at info@keishablair.com for a Holistic Wealth Project Group kit. Its FREE!

There are many other ways to get involved. If you want to go deeper into achieving your holistic wealth objectives, become a member of the Institute on Holistic Wealth, where you can access free resources, workshops and coaching. If you want to help others achieve their dreams and get certified, become a Certified Holistic WealthTM Consultant. The program is being offered at a 50% discount for a limited time only, and there are payment plans available.

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