Your Intuition is the Key to Personal Growth and Success

Your Intuition is the Key to Personal Growth and Success

Your Intuition is the Key to Personal Growth and Success

Have you been sidetracked lately and lost touch with your goals? Remember Your Intuition!
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. — Albert Einstein.

Life is truly a precious gift — and the number one way of knowing if you are fulfilling life’s purpose is by following your intuition. Its so easy to get sidetracked in today’s world — there are just so many distractions! In addition, we live in a society where our personal value is tied to traditional (old-school) metrics like salary/pay grades and not to mention classifications! We are lumped into broad classifications that stand as proxies for overall measures of where we “stand in the organization”.

The problem with this approach is that there are bound to be disappointments — we set ourselves up for a fall by putting our lives in the hands of others — with disappointing results and a cycle that perpetuates stress and anxiety — and sometimes illnesses.

In a talk filmed at Awesomeness-Fest, Mindvalley founder, Vishen Lakhiani, explained his alternative model of success: a life based on mission, meaning, and discovering your true calling… instead of blindly following the will of society or even our parents.

Among each and everyone of us is that yearning to find a purpose-driven life where we are the authors of our lives and not just characters in a scene. How will you determine your own destiny if you are not 100% in control?

There are two key things to remember in achieving personal growth and success:

You are 100% responsible for your life.

You can achieve immense joy and abundance.

More than half of what I’ve learned and have been able to apply to my own life comes from learning to follow my passions and realising that trusting my intuition is a sure way of keeping my life on track. I’ve also learned the hard way as loss and grief made me realise that living life “business as usual” — constantly in survival mode — is no way to live.

Live the Life you’ve always dreamed of..

What is it that makes you truly happy? Have you yearned to be a writer, film-maker, world-traveller, entrepreneur or something else? Are you on a path to fulfilling your passions — or are you on a detour route away from a purpose-filled life? The problem with the detour route is that its filled with stress, anxiety and it is a one-way street away from your true calling. The chances of long-term success and happiness are also slim. If you don’t follow your dreams and passions — the detour route is empty, meaningless and will lead to a cycle of disappointment. Listen to the calling of your soul and answer it — it may or may not fit well with the route that your family and friends have taken — but we are all unique and each one of us has different gifts and talents — and surely a unique path.

Don’t let your life be dictated by just traditional norms and standards. Searching for the perfect job or that next big promotion are all good goals but they are often determined by someone else. If it means totally giving up on who you truly are and the things you are genuinely passionate about — you might be walking away from your purpose in life!

Learning the techniques to listen and follow your intuition will be critical to finding your true purpose in life
Clear the clutter and stress in your life. Listen to that little voice. Learn to meditate and find time away from everyone else to be alone and to reflect on your passions and goals in life.

Prayer and Meditation will sharpen your intuition

Prayer and meditation are essential to gaining clarity about your goals and keeping a positivity mindset. After I emerged from the fog of tragedy and loss, I realised that any obstacle or trial in life can propell us to greater things. Prayer and meditation allows us to be in a state of anticipation for abundance. It also allows us to have greater gratitude — known as “the mother of all virtues”.

The most successful figures in history have used obstacles to propell them to greatness. Abraham Lincoln was known for “the swiftness and the correctness of his intuitions”, and had to overcome immense adversity.

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