Ways Banks Are Evolving in 2017

Ways Banks Are Evolving in 2017

More Solutions for Freelancers

If you freelance for a living, you might feel that your bank neglects to offer you the same financial services as your peers with steady paychecks. However, experts believe this banking trend could change in 2017. As the sharing economy booms and the number of freelancers increases, banks will start providing them with additional access to credit and more payment solutions, said Keisha Blair, co-founder of Aspire-Canada.com, which offers resources for entrepreneurs and professionals.

For instance, Uber recently partnered with new financial services providers to offer $1,000 advances to its drivers, so they have the funds needed to start driving right away, Blair said. They can pay off the loans interest free. Further, Uber drivers will have access to debit cards they can use for everyday expenses.

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