Preparing for a Scholarship Interview

Preparing for a Scholarship Interview


Preparing for a Scholarship Interview

Even though the Aspire-Canada scholarship doesn’t involve a scholarship interview, many other organizations require one as part of the overall selection process. If you are applying for multiple scholarships with varying requirements, we want you to be fully prepared. Many college scholarships require more than just the written application and documentation before they decide on a winner. An interview is becoming more and more popular as part of the process. It gives the selection committee much more to work with than just a pile of papers. If you are contacted for such an interview you should congratulate yourself. It is certainly a step in the right direction and it shows that what you have done so far, like your essay submission, ┬áhas grabbed their attention.

There are several different ways in which a scholarship interview may be set up. A face to face interview is often desired but it may not always be possible. The cost of getting someone from their current home to the location of the interview can be both expensive and time consuming. Therefore other methods of conducting the scholarship interview may be more appropriate. For example they may give you the questions and ask you to send in a video of yourself. You may have a live interview conducted through the use of a web cam. Another option is for a phone or Skype interview to take place. Be prepared for all of these possibilities.

Always be on Time

Always be on time for any interview scheduled for college scholarships. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive there. If you are asked to call in, do so at least five minutes early so you can be qued to the right place. If they will be calling you then make sure you are available on time by the phone when that call comes in. You want to dress nicely for the scholarship interview as well. You don’t want to have a hairstyle or clothing that is going to be distracting. Dress in full corporate attire.

Be well Prepared

Do everything you can to properly prepare yourself for a scholarship interview. While it is normal to be nervous you need to get those feelings under control. By practicing what to say you will be able to focus on the key points you wish to share with the interviewers. You want to sound natural rather than rehearsed. Take your time to talk slowly and clearly as well. This way they will be able to concentrate on what you have to say. Review the scholarship essay you submitted and be prepared to discuss why you chose that topic and why its important to you.

Practice common questions

While you may not know the questions that will be asked in a scholarship interview, there are some common ones to be ready for. They include what your goals are, your strengths and weaknesses, and why you feel you deserve to win the scholarship. You will be asked about your academics, your extra activities, and your passions. Make sure you share all you can with them without rambling about insignificant aspects. Be prepared with some well rehearsed examples to show off your strengths. If you have a nervous habit of going off topic then work hard at controlling it.

Make sure you do Research on the Organization

You will also find that many organizations that offer scholarships want to test your overall level of knowledge about their organization. You should at least know their mission, vision and objectives, and why they offer such scholarships. Take time to focus on what is really being asked too. A common interview mistake is trying to formulate an answer your mind while they are still in the process of explaining the question. Concentrate on every aspect of the question being asked so you can give the best response possible.

Be Confident

Keep in mind the interviewers are going to be patient with you. Should you need a moment to think of an answer or to get a drink they will allow it. They want you to be as comfortable as you can during the interview. Do your best to radiate confidence and to leave them with a very good impression of who you are and what you can accomplish. The fact that you have made it this far for the scholarship interview should be exciting. Don’t let it get away from you by not being fully prepared.

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