The Personal Financial Identity Framework

The Personal Financial Identity Framework
The Personal Financial Identity Framework

The Personal Financial Identity Framework

Big News! Based on reader demand from my award-winning book Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons To Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity and Happiness, I created the Personal Financial Identity Framework. Readers wanted to know how they could identify their personal financial identity and their money motivations in order to become more self aware and manage their money better to achieve success in life. After developing the Certified Holistic Wealth Consultant Program at the Keisha Blair Institute on Holistic Wealth, I developed this framework for everyone to get to know themselves better.

I developed a fun, quick, FREE QUIZ that everyone can take. Knowing our personal financial identity can help us to better achieve our goals, understand others and plan ahead. Just as important, knowing other people’s tendencies helps us to work with them more effectively. Spouses, parents, business partners, managers, can take advantage of this framework to help reduce conflict. The Personal Financial Identity Framework can help everyone including those wanting to:

  • Improve their personal financial skills
  • Improve money management skills and financial literacy
  • Improve your relationships
  • Plan for career transitions
  • Start a new business or entrepreneurial initiative
  • Start Your side-hustle
  • Plan for the birth of a child
  • Plan for retirement
  • Plan for a wedding
  • Achieve financial independence

This short free quiz poses questions to help identify your personal financial identity. It takes about 4 minutes to complete it and the answers are confidential.

Take the fun FREE QUIZ to learn your financial identity and then take the Personal Financial Identities Course. 

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