Is Overthinking Is Ruining Your Life?

Is Overthinking Is Ruining Your Life?

The human mind is a fantastic gift, but it can also be a curse if we don’t learn how to control our thoughts. Overthinking describes the habit of thinking about things too much, or for too long.
Obsessively playing out life scenarios in your mind that may never happen is not only toxic, it is also a waste of energy. Analysis paralysis stirs us emotionally, mentally and physically – even leading to psychosomatic disorders

Is Overthinking Is Ruining Your Life?

Overthinking when it comes to love is a savage spoiler that will rip through every relationship you encounter, destroying everything in its path. You have to take control of your mind before it pushes the people you love away. Here are five ways overthinking is ruining your life.

#1 It’s a bottomless black hole.

Whether you’re over thinking about things that happened in the past or obsessing over things that could happen in the future, neither has a positive outcome. Yes, we need to use our brains to explore our possible options to make educated decisions in every aspect of our lives, but overthinking is a bottomless black hole that will swallow you up. Trust me.

#2 You’re missing opportunities.

The M.O. of most over thinkers is to conjure up situations in their mind. Obsessing so intently on over-analyzing every possibility leads to a delay in taking action, meaning opportunities can slip through your fingers.

#3 Hello, anxiety and depression!

Our thought patterns dictate our mood. The constant doom and gloom created in the minds of over thinkers can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, depression and often, indulging in an unhealthy lifestyle to escape their thoughts.

#4 No one likes a Negative Nancy.

Over thinking leads to pessimism and unhappiness, which can become too much for the loved ones around you. It’s important to understand the difference between being a realist and being a pessimist. It’s smart to be a realist at times, but being pessimistic about life never got anyone anywhere positive in life. You’ll emit negative vibes that will send genuine people running for the hills.

#5 You’ll think yourself awake.

Over-thinking will cause you to lie awake at night, worrying about things that may not even happen. Insomnia can lead to serious mental disorders over time.

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