Holistic Wealth – How to Overcome Setbacks with Keisha Blair

Holistic Wealth – How to Overcome Setbacks with Keisha Blair

Holistic Wealth – How to Overcome Setbacks with Keisha Blair

Dealing with Setbacks During the Coronavirus Pandemic

So today we’re going to talk about dealing with setbacks during this COVID-19 pandemic because people are dealing with so many different setbacks right now. The job loss figures are staggering around the world, in the United States alone, more than 22 million people have lost jobs and in Canada that figure is over 1 million. People are wondering how do I get by? What can I do to make myself better when this all ends? How do you keep hope and motivation alive during this period? and what do I need to do?

Embrace the Holistic Wealth Mindset

So today I want to talk to you about channeling the Holistic Wealth Mindset to deal with losses in life, and  to deal with setbacks, because the holistic wealth mindset is about cultivating that mindset that will get you through tragedy and crisis to come out better on the other side. For instance, we know for so many people who are looking for hope because they’ve lost their jobs or dealing with a divorce. However, try not to think about your current situation (e.g. the job loss, the divorce, the grief) in permanent terms, so think about it as a temporary situation, because if you think about it as a permanent situation then it really will set off things like panic, depression and crisis in your life. So if we think about it as temporary situation, that helps us to move forward.

Have a Personal Mission and Embrace Measured Risks

The other thing I would suggest is having a personal mission and embracing that. Your personal mission is bigger than any job, bigger than any salary, it’s what do I want do to leave my mark on this world? How do I leave that mark on the world with my unique talents and my unique capabilities? All of us are unique and all of us have a unique contribution to make to humanity and so part of holistic wealth is about embracing measured risks. What can I do to upgrade myself in this period to help me to switch to a new career to do something I’ve always wanted to do in life?  How can I better position myself to do that?  Part of that is embracing measured risks and not erecting fake constraints or barriers to your own success. So recognizing fake vs real constraints is key to overcoming setbacks.

I know that during this time there are certain households that are suffering immensely.  I want to give you some figures that I have in my book, Holistic Wealth, that deal with  families like single family households and women  of color, because I think it’s very pertinent at this time to talk about those things. In the US alone, 39% of black families headed by women live in poverty, and  the rate of poverty is almost 41 percent in Hispanic families headed by women, and almost 30 percent in Asian families headed by women. So we know for instance, that this pandemic is hitting certain socio-economic groups harder than others and so it’s good to highlight these issues so people know how they can move forward.  

Think About Positioning Yourself Well for the Future

One of the things I want to mention here is that a vital part of overcoming the feeling of being behind is knowing that you’re on a path toward achieving holistic wealth and embracing it because holistic wealth is also about embracing how your life and how it is unfolding in ways that can help you specialize in a new field, follow something you’re interested in or pursuing new experiences or transitioning to a new career. At each stage of our life it’s good to sit back and to re-examine, without becoming, you know, obsessed or ruminating on that path we once were on. So for instance that job that you once had, that salary that you once had, not necessarily thinking about too much of that road that you were once on, but thinking about the future and thinking about how to position yourself well during this period.  The most important thing here is taking the opportunity to make this period work for you in ways that will position you to come out better on the other side.

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