Aspire-Canada Scholarship 2017 – Scholarship Applications Are Open!

Aspire-Canada Scholarship 2017 – Scholarship Applications Are Open!

Each academic year, Aspire-Canada offers scholarships of $1000 or more to outstanding students that demonstrate leadership potential.

All incoming and returning students will also be considered for the scholarship based on a completed scholarship application. International students are also eligible to apply. The preferred deadline for students to apply is July 31st 2017 (However we will accept applications up to August 31st, 2017). Applications received after the preferred deadline will be considered if the funds are available. In order to assist you with your scholarship application, please follow the checklist below.

Complete the Scholarship Application.
Log on to and create a professional profile.
We encourage all applicants to share and comment on articles on the website. Site participation is a big factor in scholarship awards.
Please fill out a professional profile on (This is mandatory for all scholarship applicants – please upload a picture).

Students need to submit a scholarship essay (not less than 800 words) in order to be eligible.

The essay should be on one of the following topics:



Health & Fitness

Fashion & Beauty

The essay should be 800 words or more (not less). The deadline to submit the essay is by July 31st 2017. The best essays will be featured on the Aspire-Canada website.

Other Important Tips:

Remember site participation is a factor! Log in with your profile and post useful comments on articles written on Aspire-Canada and share them on social media (e.g. facebook, twitter, pinterest). Go on the Aspire-Canada Facebook page and Like the page! Post comments and share the page and articles with your friends, ask them to like the facebook page too. Become an Ambassador! Launch a group in the Aspire-Community and invite your friends! Go to the Problem-Solver section of the site and post a problem for others to help you solve! Or Become an Aspire-Writer. Ask a Mentor about career or business issues. There are many different ways to get involved.

Please Ensure you have a “Fully Completed Professional Profile” on the Aspire-Community.
A complete profile is an essential part of the scholarship application. Here is the Aspire-Canada definition of a 100% Complete Profile:

— Your school/work/industry and location

— Up-to-date information (academic year/major/current employer (if applicable)

— Two past positions

— Your skills (minimum of 3). Any academic awards, extra-curricular activities and volunteer activities.

— A profile photo

— At least 10 connections. Invite your friends/colleagues/family members to also create a professional profile on the Aspire-Community. Its easy – Just email them the link.

Keep adding content to your community profile. Connect with people in the community and start building a powerful network of professional contacts, friends, students, old colleagues and future collaborators alike. Here are some other very important tips:

  • Apply Early – don’t wait until the last minute to apply – our number 1 problem with applications are incomplete information and lack of site participation;
  • Make sure your application and professional profile is 100% complete;
  • Your essay needs to be free of errors and properly formatted;
  • Participate on the website and on social media on a consistent basis (even after the application deadline is closed); and,
  • Invite your friends to join.

Apply for the Aspire-Canada Scholarship before July 31, 2017

Please submit essay to

Like our Facebook page:

Follow us on Twitter:

Note:  Your email address will only be used to communicate with you about your scholarship applications. We will not provide your email address to any third parties.  Decisions of the selection committees are final and are not subject to appeal. 

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