Overcoming regret is one of the hardest things to do especially when it relates to tragedy and grief.  It lingers on and shatters our confidence in future decision-making. I was featured in the March 2018 issue of success magazine entitled “The EXPERIENCE ISSUE: CREATE YOUR LEGACY”. Overcoming regret is a step on creating your legacy and building your future. I discussed this in an article by Emma Johnson on tactics and strategies for overcoming regret. Read on below for a few quick tips on dealing with remorse and visit the success.com website to read the full article.


Tactics and Strategies for Overcoming regret:

• Own up to it.

Accept your responsibility in the negative experience.

• Move on.

Let go of what you cannot and could not control.

• Apologize.

If you hurt another person—whether intentionally or inadvertently—apologize, mend bridges, or otherwise express how you feel. Then let it go.

• Free yourself.

Decide that you deserve to be free from the negative feelings surrounding the episode.

• Learn from it.

Seek to identify the lessons inherent in the experience.

• Say thanks.

Express gratitude for the experience, as it can and will bring insight, if you allow it.

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