How Rachel Rodgers Went From Unemployment to Millionaire in Just A Few Years

The Holistic Wealth Podcast launched last week with the inaugural episode with special guest Rachel Rodgers, a highly successful and talented entrepreneur. The interview is not only highly inspirational but has life lessons on how to bounce back successfully when life throws you a curveball. In this episode, you will hear how Rachel Rodgers went From unemployment to millionaire in just a few years.

Rachel Rodgers is the CEO of Hello Seven and author of the new book “We Should All Be Millionaires”. Rachel hit a major entrepreneurial milestone in June 2020, when she brought in $1 million in revenue through her business coaching and membership community, Hello Seven. She then doubled her revenue to $5 million during a global pandemic. In this episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast, Rachel discussed the strategies she used to achieve these amazing results and what’s next for Hello Seven, including her new 50-Acre ranch.

During the 2009-10 recession, Rachel faced a setback after her clerkship ended and she lost her job. As Rachel stated in the podcast interview: “I technically lost my job because it’s a year term and then you’re done, I was able to get unemployment benefits, which was allowed during that time. They kind of loosened up the rules. If you were starting your own business, you could get unemployment benefits, because we were in the middle of the great recession in 2009 and 2010. And so I was able to get some unemployment income, which helped to supplement my income. I moved out of my house and rented it out and moved into a tiny little basement apartment with my husband. I got rid of my nice car and got a janky little Altima that cost me $800“. Listen to the full episode and hear how Rachel Rodgers went From unemployment to millionaire in just a few years.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
• How Rachel went from unemployment to millionaire in just a few short years. How Rachel transitioned from the legal field to her own business.
• How the horrible events of 2020 allowed Hello Seven to pivot and increase their income and make an even bigger difference in the lives of marginalized communities.
• How they tackled the impact of the coronavirus head-on at Hello Seven.
• How her team found clarity as the year progressed on where they wanted Hello Seven to grow.
• Learn how to take stock of your own skills, knowledge and experiences to build your brand and your income.
• Learn how to increase your capacity to achieve more as your business grows and your goals get bigger.
• Learn how to refine your business offering to earn even higher income.
• Learn how very successful businesses, making $10 million and more, do it with only one service offering.
• Learn about Rachel’s one key to business success that everyone can emulate, regardless of what product or service you’re offering.
• Her new 50-Acre ranch and the goals and how that ties into her overall business goals.

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