How parents can find holistic wealth during a time of crisis

Video: How Parents Can Find Holistic Wealth During A Time of Crisis

Today we’re going to be talking about how parents can find holistic wealth during a time of crisis such as the one we’re in now. During this time, we have to be mindful about the things that we do so we can cultivate not only a holistic wealth mindset but also live a holistically and wealthy lifestyle. Here are some tips mostly around self-care and planning.

The Art of Saying No

The first point that I want to talk about has to do with “the art of saying no”. Saying “no” has a way of adding to your holistic wealth bank account if you can create boundaries and you know how to enforce those boundaries. I know with being home, the kids are nearby, and they come with a lot of questions, a lot of demands on your own time and sometimes the answer may have to be “no” and it has to be a guilt-free no and just know that as a parent, you’re replenishing your stores of holistic wealth if you have to do that.

Family Mission Statements
The second point that I think is critical, and in our family, we started doing this, is having a family mission statement that guides you and including family activities under that mission statement. For example, a family movie night or having a family karaoke night, those family activities things change up our routines in ways that we can’t even imagine because our old normal might have been busier we’re out of the house more when we come back in, it’s mostly, eat, sleep, homework and then to bed. Now we have that free time to create a space that enriches us greatly and fosters that relationship between kids and your spouse and the entire family. A family mission statement that emphasizes spending time together and bonding as a family is critical.

Cultivating Enriching Relationships

The third point is cultivating relationships outside of the confines of our household. Even though we can’t meet very frequently in the way that we used to before COVID-19, there are ways to do so virtually, such as via zoom and via other online platforms. We’re able to communicate and I have to stress that those relationships should be ones that enrich us and enriches our family life, not relationships that will deplete our holistic wealth bank accounts but those relationships that encourage us, that nurtures us and helps us to think positively about our home life and our current situation.

So those are three ways that parents can cultivate holistic wealth during a time of crisis. I just wanted to leave you with these points today and there’s so much more we could get into on the financial side, such as planning for financial longevity and making sure that we’re also budgeting, investing and saving as we move forward as parents for our families and our kids so those are some quick tips on how parents can cultivate that holistically wealthy lifestyle.

How parents can find holistic wealth during a time of crisis

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