The Recent Events in Minnesota With The Killing of George Floyd

Coping And Moving Forward After The Loss Of A Loved One 

So today we’re going to be talking about coping and moving forward with life when we have no closure after the loss of a loved one.  We’ve heard the stories on the media of so many family members who are grieving and have not been able to visit their loved ones at the hospital because of coronavirus and have not been able to get the closure that they need not being able to even say goodbye and so how do you move forward, how do you deal with that lack of closure? So I think for many of you, know my story through my book Holistic Wealth, where my husband died when I was 31 and he died tragically and very suddenly. I walked into the hospital with him living and breathing and walked back out with a light plastic bag in my hand, in three hours or less, it was that quickly, he died. And now it’s even worse where we can’t even enter the hospital to see loved ones in their last moments.

I too had a family member pass away from coronavirus, she was in a nursing home and she passed away and we weren’t able to say our last goodbyes. I have another friend living in New York City who her mother-in-law passed away she lived just right down the road from the hospital, and she couldn’t even go in though she was so near she couldn’t even go in to the hospital to say goodbye and so she called me just crying. I want to tell you that there’s hope even in that situation there are things that we can do to keep those memories alive and to move forward with our lives and honor our loved ones. Some tips for doing so is just remembering that we can honor our loved ones even if you can’t see them to say goodbye and so part of the way that we can do that is to help those around us currently living in crisis to move forward by being kind and giving a helping hand, by helping others in their time of need, and by using our own unique experiences to enrich other people’s lives.

The other thing we can do when we are embracing our personal mission, is to honor our loved one by living a life that honors them and keeping those memories alive and whatever that might be in your home  or by being a part of your church or your community is just keeping their memories alive by living their legacy and keeping that legacy alive. So if you know your loved one was passionate about reading for example, is just passing on books to others, if you know your loved one was passionate about running, is living a life or contributing to an organization who might do that in their memory.  

There are so many things that we can do to keep that memory alive and as you know, we have a future ahead of us even beyond COVID- 19, and we can use those talents that we have, and our unique experiences, to enrich other people’s lives going forward and in so doing we’re keeping their memories alive and not necessarily just living in the past, but living for the future and bringing them with us. So today, I just want to say, I know it’s so difficult because right now we’re in a time of collective grief, but I’m thinking that the best way forward is channeling that holistic wealth mindset to keep those memories alive and to enrich humanity in every way we can.

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